Working with a Single Expert

When you sign on with Brothers B and B, you get the advantage of working directly with us. When jobs are in progress and tasks are being completed by various partners, sub-contractors and vendors, you will have the advantage of working through a single contact. From the perspective of the client, this represents a considerably more convenient approach than trying to manage and coordinate the various aspects of such a project.

Added Value

By using Brothers B and B, from the very beginning of the project, you get a cost-effective perspective. We have the experience and know how to zero in on systems and finishes that can be value engineered to save time and money, without necessarily sacrificing the finished product. This allows you to act with far more confidence, as you move into your project, than if you had to take the process from designers and architects, to contractors and vendors yourself.

Save Time

We will walk you through the bidding process and move you from the architect’s design to the process of construction with ease. This may not seem like much, but it greatly reduces, if not removes, a potentially intricate and unpredictable process right out of the equation. Projects are bid by the owners, who also oversee their team as they work through your project with the skill and expertise you need.

Easy Changes

As the process of construction begins, things will happen very quickly. However, if you suddenly feel a detail or aspect of construction must be changed, we are able to “adjust on the fly” and make the changes. Working with us means that details can be changed far easier.

Give us a call right now at 972.264.1806 or contact us online so we can begin planning your construction project. We can’t wait to take the next step toward growing your business!